Aquaponics – 12 minute DVD – view now…

Please view a trailer introduction to my full length DVD “Aquaponics Made Easy”.

(this trailer runs for 12 minutes)


The full length DVD runs for 90 minutes and is packed with Aquaponics information.

“Aquaponics Made Easy” is my first DVD on growing fish and vegetables in your own backyard. If you are new to Aquaponics, this DVD will explain it all for you. From building your own cheap bathtub system to watching a kit being installed, “Aquaponics Made Easy” will guide you into the wonderful world of Aquaponics.

What fish to get? What plants to grow? How to keep the whole thing balanced and working well in your backyard. From Nitrogen cycles to pH test kits – its all explained in this fascinating DVD.

Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Made Easy DVD
PAL 90 mins of excellent information can be obtained here +

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