Aquaponic grown Jade Perch at the EKKA.

The annual Exhibition or EKKA as it is fondly known is on again.
We are exhibiting a Aquaponics system with one part a traditional media based grow bed and also a floating raft bed filled with lettuce.
Once a day there is a cooking demonstration and the Chef is cooking (steaming)  Jade Perch in a wok .
Fantastic with a salad and a special sauce she makes up.  Recipe for the sauce can be seen HERE
It is really great that people are being introduced to Jade Perch for the first time.
The reaction is fantastic.
Most folk are a little suspicious of the Jades as they have not heard of them before, but once they have a taste they are won…

We are part of the Signature Brisbane Pavilion which is an initiative of BCC.
The pavilion can be found on the map at coordinates 16 x S

EKKA map

Plan of the EKKA grounds.

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