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Farming With Fish is a place where you can read, watch, and learn about aquaponics.
You can buy high quality aquaponics systems for your home, or learn how to build your own home system. You can buy DVDs and other publications to learn about aquaponics secrets from Murray Hallam and other experts in the field.

Aquaponics — What is it?

 Aquaponics is the creation of a complete cycle of symbiotic relationships where the fish suppport the plants and the plants support the fish. Aquaponics uses no chemicals, requires one tenth of the water needed for field plant production, and only a fraction of the water that is used for fish culture (Aquaculture).

This is truly a remarkable system, because it works so well. The fish actually supply nutrients to a bed of plants (called Grow Beds), and plants clean up the water that the fish live in, making a mutually beneficial environment. The only external input to the system is food for the fish. The systems complement each other as a single unit, not as separate units. The fish water is pumped to the grow beds, and is evenly distributed by a simple system of pipes. The fish water feeds the plants, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other green leafy vegetables, then filters through the grow bed that is filled with gravel/round river stones, finally returning to the fish tank by gravity or by pump. The water is returned to the fish tank cleaned and ready for use by the fish. And so the cycle continues.

An aquaponics system is made up of a tank containing your fish of choice, and a series of grow beds for vegetable production. In the US, we are blessed with a wide choice of native fish species that are perfectly suitable for aquaponics. Some are wonderful for eating as well! What is amazing in aquaponics, once the system is initialized, the water stays Ph balanced and remains crystal clear. The water is basically recycled, with a small amount of water added weekly to compensate for what is lost by evaporation, and transpiration by the vegetables. Therefore, aquaponics uses only about 10% of the water required for traditional gardening or fish farming. Aquaponics is the future of home gardening and commercial fresh food production for dry land.

Aquaponics is a balanced, self-contained eco system that works!! No chemicals are added what so ever. It is totally organic. In fact, chemicals cannot be sprayed or added to the vegetable part of the system, because if that happens, the fish will die. Garden pests are kept to a minimum by housing the system in a green house and eventually a natural balance is achieved. Earthworms can be raised to feed the fish and the earthworm compost is used in other parts of the garden or perhaps planter box gardens. The worm farm is fed on excess vegetable material from the aquaponic system.