Afternoon in the Greenhouse. August 29.

The afternoon in the greenhouse for August was a great success.  The session was fully booked.  People came from all over, as far south as Shepparton, north from Hervey Bay and two attendees from Malaysia.

Greenhouse session. See the lush greens. We made a delicious salad , everything freshly picked from the greenhouse.

Initially there is combined session covering an explanation re Aquaponics and how it works.  An early afternoon tea, then we break into two groups, one group goes to the bathtub assembly and auto siphon demonstration while the other group goes to the greenhouse.   Later the the two groups swap to complete the training.

Some feedback form comments,

Perfect day, very informative.
Need to get my system going ASAP.
Smoked Jade Perch..yummy.
Loved seeing new plant types…excellent lettuce.

Participating in the auto siphon demonstration.

The sessions will be a monthly event so watch our website to make your EARLY booking.
Avoid disappointment …book early.
So many folk left it until Saturday evening to attempt a booking.
Looking forward to the next session.
Murray and the team.

Greenhouse session. "Lost in the jungle"

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