Oceanside Tilapia Aquaponics

I started my recent trip to the USA at Oceanside California.   We participated in an Aquaponics seminar there organised by Richard Fox.   It is a bit of a trek getting to the USA from Brisbane. After 15 hours sitting in aeroplanes I arrived at LAX.
Going through Customs is not good when flights from Korea, Germany and Italy arrive at the same time.  The queues were long and very slow moving because interpeters were needed to process the incoming non English speaking travellers.  Then the Customs take everyone’s fingerprints !!!!
Richard was circling outside in the pick up zone in his bright yellow GMC pickup.  We were soon crawling along the 8 lanes each direction free way (clogged way) to Oceanside.

Here is a shot of Richard and myself.

Richard and myself at John Wayne Airport on my way to Denver.

He proudly drives around the streets of Oceanside in his 1952 Chevrolet Belair two door

Richards 1952 Chevrolet Belair two door DeLuxe Hardtop

DeLuxe Hardtop powered by a 270 Chevie straight 6.
It does 80 mph along the freeway (speed limit is 55 but no one is doing that)
His work truck is big GMC powered by a heavy sounding Diesel

Next day visited with some very interesting people , particularly Ronald Pecoff who is carrying out some important work on home grown nutritionally balanced fish food.   The biggest duckweed tanks I have ever seen and along one side of the greenhouse there were clear algae growing tubes.  The tubes were approx 300mm in diameter and the full length of the greenhouse.  A heap of algae growing in there.
Ronald is combining duckweed and algae and a couple of other plant derived ingredients to make up his fish food formula.
Very important work into the future. Wild fish stocks are diminishing, and therefore available fish meal,  the need for a high quality land derived fish food will be more important than ever.
That evening I dined on Tilapia for the first time.

Tilapia dinner partly demolished. Very tasty indeed.

Very tasty indeed.
I have to report that it was a delicious meal prepared by a chef at a seafood place in Oceanside.

The Tilapia were from Richards 3 Bed Balcony Kit.

On to the seminar which was fully booked.   A really nice group of people.  We covered all the basics of how to get a home Aquaponics system up and running, and engaged in a

healthy Q&A session (or two).
There were folk there from as far away as Pennsylvania, Arkansas and the locals from Oceanside.  They made sure the coffee and refreshments kept coming and had the name tags handouts and other material at the ready.

Tilapia in Richards 3 Bed Balcony Kit.

I get a real buzz out of conducting seminars.    It is just wonderful to see people so interested in providing quality chemical free food for themselves and their families.

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4 Responses to Oceanside Tilapia Aquaponics

  1. Todd Sowell aka Todd61 says:

    Wow, who took that fabulous Tilapia picture?
    Seriously, It was a great experience for everyone. It was great to meet you Murray and the Q & A was invaluable. Richard was a great host.
    Hope you come back soon or, even better, maybe I’ll make it to your place!


  2. Admin says:

    It is a toddpix.
    Very interesting fish. Tilapia.

  3. Organic Foods says:

    Great ideas. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. aquaponics says:

    Nothing like the taste of freshly picked tomatoes from my aquaponics garden.

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