On a personal note….

I am a lucky bloke, not only do I get to enjoy my growing Aquaponics business, I am surrounded by wonderful people.
I have 4 adult children and a wonderful wife (married 40 years, how about that !)
My eldest son runs a blog HERE. He is a Systems Analyst.
My youngest daughter also has a blog HERE. She is an amazing Mum.
(3 children…sometimes 10.)
My eldest daughter teaches high school as well as raising 3 beautiful children.
(sorry 4 children including her husband)
My youngest son flies B747’s and lives with 3 extremely cute individuals
(wife and 2 children)

How is it that our children are so amazing ?
It is because we made them eat their veggies!!

Sorry, can’t help being a little bit happy!!!

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  1. James says:

    Thanks Dad, we’re all very proud of you too!

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