Aquaponics – it is getting easier than ever !

It is even easier to get into Aquaponics with the new web site layout I have just switched on.
Our old website has served us very well, but it has not grown in an organised manner.   Little gems of info were tacked on here and there making them difficult to find or go back to later.
A couple of weeks ago I began work on a new layout making use of Joomla Content Management System software.
I believe that easily accessible content is more important than having a “pretty” site with lots of “bells and whistles”.
Some parts of the previous site will still be visible as we gradually transfer the content over and reorganise the indices.
I will be switching on more of Joomla’s amazing modules as the weeks go by….so keep coming back, and please give me some feedback.  What improvements can I make ? What do you like best and so on.

Murray    Practical Aquaponics website front page.

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  1. Robert Jarvis says:

    Good one

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