Aquaponic grown Jade Perch at the EKKA.

The annual Exhibition or EKKA as it is fondly known is on again.
We are exhibiting a Aquaponics system with one part a traditional media based grow bed and also a floating raft bed filled with lettuce.
Once a day there is a cooking demonstration and the Chef is cooking (steaming)  Jade Perch in a wok .
Fantastic with a salad and a special sauce she makes up.  Recipe for the sauce can be seen HERE
It is really great that people are being introduced to Jade Perch for the first time.
The reaction is fantastic.
Most folk are a little suspicious of the Jades as they have not heard of them before, but once they have a taste they are won…

We are part of the Signature Brisbane Pavilion which is an initiative of BCC.
The pavilion can be found on the map at coordinates 16 x S

EKKA map

Plan of the EKKA grounds.

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9 Responses to Aquaponic grown Jade Perch at the EKKA.

  1. Good luck at the show, Murray! Hope you bring in lots of new aquaponic fanatics.

  2. Randall Kiesser sr says:

    With the new alge systems here in the USA you could filter your water and provide oil and fish food. I see a whole new industry emerging including hydrogn production for heat and electricty. I think you guy are on to something that may change mankinds evil past and help heal the planet before its too late !! Here in Washington State we have a hybrid trout that grows to 20 lbs in 14 months or less ,with the right systems design it might be a great commerical industry .

  3. Christian Stern says:

    I recently set up my first aquaponics system… the fish are about 12-14 cm long… Could someone please tell me what size pellets I should be feeding them? When should I move to a larger pellet? System works great… Thanks Murray.

  4. Admin says:

    Hi Christian, a pellet that will fit into their mouth easily is the go…fish of that size would most likely be comfortable with 3mm pellets. Personally, I switch to floating pellets asap. It is much easier to see how they are going and how much food they are taking.

  5. JoeJ says:

    Interesting that you should mention algae systems. Here in Virginia, I’m installing an aquaponics system that will be powered by algae. We are using ultrasonic cavitation to crack the algae and by means of a second pass through sonification completing the transesterfication of the oil so it can be fed to a indirect injection deisel engine which will power a 120 kw/h electric generator. Not only do we expect to be completly off grid, but we expect to be selling energy back to the grid! And yes, the byproduct of the biodeisel is the algae biomass which will be harvested to feed the fish. This will increase the omega 3 fatty acids in the flesh of the tilapia. Fed to cows, at 2% of their feed, it will replace saturated fats with omega 3 polyunsaturated fats in whole milk! I am sooo lovin’ this!

    Murray, good luck with the show, and thanks for the inspiration. Your videos on CD are worth every cent. You will change the world.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Joel,
      Thanks for the comments re my DVD’s. We are sending them all over the world which is great.
      Algae research is very exciting. I think we are on the edge of great things in that regard.

  6. ben Murray says:

    Joel, I would love to know more a bout your algae energy system is there any where I can learn more about it. Very exciting!!

  7. admin says:

    Hi, I can only point you to a post in my forum re the research going on here in Australia.

    Joel may or may not come back to this comment to see your request

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