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Grow fish and vegetables togetherin your own backyard the easy way. Whether you want to build your own system or assemble a ready-made kit, Murray Hallam will guide you through every step, so you can enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables at your place.
Over 90 minutes of quality information

Assembling a kit system
Grow Beds, Tanks, Gravel Media explained
Flood and Drain, Auto Syphons
Fish Aeration, pumps, filtration, backup systems
Growing plants successfully
The Nitrogen Cycle , Fishless cycling
Testing your Water
Maintaining a balanced system
Choosing suitable fish for Aquaponics
Batching your fish for endless food
Dealing with pests
Feeding your fish – Growing your own food
Building your own Bathtub Aquaponics system
Solar powered systems
Essential checklist summary
Aquaponics Made Easy DVD is in PAL format and plays on a PC or MAC. It will also play on the latest multi-format DVD players. 

Aquaponics Made Easy DVD $42.95 plus shipping $4.90



The second in the series by Murray Hallam. 

Following on from the success of Murray Hallam’s first DVD “Aquaponics Made Easy” comes a new DVD called “Aquaponics Secrets” that is designed to fill in a lot more gaps in your aquaponics knowledge. So what is so secret about this DVD and what hidden knowledge may it contain?
Over 90 minutes of quality information. 

Aquaponics Secrets DVD is in PAL format and plays on a PC or MAC. It will also play on the latest multi-format DVD players. 


Aquaponics SECRETS DVD $42.95plus $4.90 First Class shipping



Now Released, Now Available

This NEW DVD features two titles on one disk. DIY AQUAPONICS and AQUAPONICS THE FIRST 12 MONTHS.

Part one is an intensive demonstration by Murray Hallam into the theory of CHOP 2 Aquaponics. Your requirement is to get yourself 3 x IBC containers or tote tanks as they are known in some parts of the USA.
This is the fastest and easiest and cheapest way to get started in Aquaponics. IBC tanks of around 1000 litres capacity will give you stability and reliability to grow copious amount of fish and vegetables.
Murray explains the benefits and takes you through the tools you will need to complete the job. He then shows you all the steps you need to cut and separate the tank from the cage and takes you through all the stages in cutting out and preparing the grow beds and fish tank ready to be recommissioned as a fish and food production system.
We reshot a number of scenes to make sure every step is explained in detail. Murray will give you an overview of the auto-siphons. He even built a glass siphon so you will see how it works in real time.
The main plumbing fittings are explained in detail so you will understand what to use and why, and where the fail points are and how to avoid them.The complete accompanying PDF file that will be included with the disk.
There are plans with measurements of the various layouts of the IBC containers so you can create a wonderful aquaponics system anywhere in the world.
The PDF file is full of photos, graphics and an extensive parts list with a photo attached of every fitting and tool needed to complete the job.  Awesome work Murray. 

The DVD is in NTSC Format. Countries that normally use PAL format will be able to view the DVD on a PC or MAC computer. Also, newer DVD players are multi-format and will play the DVD. 

Murray Hallam’s DIY Aquaponics DVD $42.95 plus $4.90 First Class