Aquaponics Made Easy DVD


Grow fish and vegetables together in your own backyard the easy way. Whether you want to build your own system or assemble a ready-made kit, Murray Hallam will guide you through every step, so you can enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables at your place.
Over 90 minutes of quality information

Assembling a kit system
Grow Beds, Tanks, Gravel Media explained
Flood and Drain, Auto Syphons
Fish Aeration, pumps, filtration, backup systems
Growing plants successfully
The Nitrogen Cycle , Fishless cycling
Testing your Water
Maintaining a balanced system
Choosing suitable fish for Aquaponics
Batching your fish for endless food
Dealing with pests
Feeding your fish – Growing your own food
Building your own Bathtub Aquaponics system
Solar powered systems
Essential checklist summary
Aquaponics Made Easy DVD is in PAL format and plays on a PC or MAC. It will also play on the latest multi-format DVD players. 

Aquaponics Made Easy DVD $42.95 plus shipping $4.90