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My name is Richard Fox, I was born and raised in Oceanside, California. I think I was best known for having a large auto and tire service center here in town with a big yellow monster truck on the corner. Richard’s Tire Shop. I have had aquariums of fish most all my adult life and am very into the green movement being a Shaklee Distributor who was the first company to really become green in 1960. www.fox.myshaklee.com
I decided to start farming my own vegetable garden. I was amazed at the taste of fresh vegetables and then started looking on the internet about home farming. That is when I ran across Aquaponics. WOW what a wonderful idea. Raise fish and plants, too. I researched Aquaponics and found Murray’s system. He seemed to really have the knowledge and expertise. 

“From the very first moment I heard and watched Murray talk, he impressed me as being THE person that had the true knowledge about Aquaponics. His friendly personality and brilliant mind shine through making him very enjoyable to listen to. His systems are simple, complete and very well designed and constructed. Anyone that is within 3000 miles needs to come hear him speak here in the United State. This is the man you want to get your questions answered from. He knows the answers.”

I liked his systems also. I contacted Murray and ordered the first of his kits to come to the USA. That was a real eye opened and learning experience for both of us. When the kit arrived I was even more impressed with the quality of the fiberglass tanks and the ease of setting the whole system up. I have learned so much and I have so much enjoyed this venture. Anything you need to know is located on the forum. Any one is always welcome to come visit my system here in Oceanside, CA, I think you will be impressed. Just give me a call at 760-802-5947.

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